Crystal Life

Crystal Life Series

An exclusive product, with a modern and essential design.
Front tempered and lacquered glass mirror. Design follows current architectural trends and furniture.


Alu Series

The ALU series has a simple and elegant design in brushed aluminium and anodized grey, in all display sizes: 8.4″ 10.4″ 12″ and 15″, which is housed in boxes of standard bticino® flush (supplied as standard). Some models also include a high-fidelity sound system and microphone.


Ecoglass Series

Terminals for home automation supervision by the minimalist and modern lines which reflect the aesthetics and elegance of the tablet and the smartphone.


Wood Series

The cutting-edge technology is combined with the elegance of inlaid wood: a combination that can adapt to the most refined environments discreetly.


Fixup Series

Touch panel for external wall systems which are not set up to which you want to add the supervisor.